Lake Shore Gamers Aren’t Playin’ Around

    A new club has been introduced to Lake Shore, and it is slowly gaining attention from the gamers that attend the school.

    Justin Faught, science teacher, started this club with some help from students stating, “Our club came about from student interest. Several students approached me about possibly getting a game club started, and I said that I would gladly volunteer my services. Being a game player of all sorts myself, I believed that I would be a good candidate to run this club.” Gaming students at Lake Shore wanted to bring about a club that would gain their interest, and they succeeded. Faught is also the only teacher running this club saying, “I am the sole faculty member running the organization, however the club members are the ones who really drive the club meetings and events.” Again, students are taking advantage of a club that is a part of their interests.

    Faught also wanted to inform students that, “Our club is not exclusively for video games, we have decided to be all inclusive and include other games such as board games, card games, tabletop games, and pen & paper games alongside video games.” So, even if you do not like video games this club could still be for you.

    Lucas Chamberlain, sophomore, is one of the current members in the club and he commented, “I like the club because it allows gamers to meet and talk about their favorite games.” This club is a chance for Lake Shore students to connect in person over the games that they are interested in. He continued to say, “I wanted to join because my friends were joining and we could all hang out.” Other than meeting new people, this is another area in which friends can meet up and play any game.

    Currently, Faught mentioned, “…we have a total of 15 members, although I anticipate that number will grow as the word gets out about our club. As of right now, the club is only being spread by word of mouth and apparently it was, “all over twitter”, as one point.” If you are interested in participating in the club meetings are held on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 in room 129.