In My Dreams by Joseph Verloove

Joseph Verloove is a senior at Lake Shore High School and skilled with the guitar. The simple act of acquiring an art credit in high school has put this talented young adult on the road to a world tour.

The student had an epiphany mid junior year and found his life passion in an intro guitar class. “I was doing my scheduling last year and I saw guitar, so I thought ‘I was terrible at [guitar] in 7th grade, why not try it now?’” said the musician, describing the origins of his found talent. After a couple months of instruction, Verloove was ready to take his instrument seriously, immediately purchasing a $200 acoustic guitar. Verloove quickly found his sound: An alternative indie vibe similar to his influences Mumford and Sons and Weezer. “Most of my covers right now are Mumford and Sons, but I’m trying to do other bands” claimed the amateur guitarist. Before he got the chance to explore other options, Verloove got the idea to create his own music: an entire EP’s worth. “I spent $800 on an electric guitar to start playing Weezer songs, but then I just thought ‘why not make my own music’” the guitarist boasts, while dropping hints of future tracks. In the future Verloove hopes to add percussion to his sound, forming a one-man band. When asked if there was any band potential, the artist explained “I don’t know anyone that I would work with”.

 The Joey Verloove Fan Club is a real thing and is a budding group at Lake Shore. Though mostly consisting of the musician’s friends, many people have found out about the “In My Dreams” project through this group. Caden Ahrens, senior, stated he “never knew Joey was so good at guitar until someone brought it up”. Other members of the clique knew of his abilities from the start and never doubted him. “We all joke around, but I believe Joe is talented. He seems dedicated” said Ethan Goodwell, senior.

 To stay up to date with the artist, follow his instagram @joseph_verloove and patiently wait with the rest of us.