Goodfellows Help Those in Need

During the holiday season, people everywhere turn their efforts to helping their community, and the students and teachers at Lake Shore High School are no different. This Christmas, Shorians are lending a hand to the St. Clair Shores Goodfellows, an organization of volunteers that collect food and toys to give them to the less fortunate around the city.

For many years, Lake Shore administrators and central office workers have dedicated their time to the Goodfellows, this year focusing efforts on the “No Kiddie Without a Christmas” program. The intention of “No Kiddie Without a Christmas” is to provide toys to families that might not be able to afford them, ensuring that each child in St. Clair Shores receives gifts for Christmas regardless of their financial situation. While many aren’t strictly members of the Goodfellows, dozens of school district employees took to the streets on December third to collect donations for this charity. Administrators from all Lake Shore schools, like Superintendent Diponio, Principal Bross and Vice Principal Stevens worked alongside volunteers to spread some holiday cheer.

Vice Principal Stevens shared his thoughts about why he thinks the Goodfellows are such a worthwhile organization. “The Goodfellows do so much good for this community this time of year, I am proud to help them out when I can.” The vice principal also made it clear that he wasn’t the only district representative that gave up their weekend mornings for a good cause. “People who work in the central offices and food service volunteered with administrators like myself, we had about thirty people who pitched in for several hours to help the Goodfellows” states Stevens.

“No Kiddie Without a Christmas” is not the only way the Goodfellows make our city a better place however. The group also collects food that fills the tables of those who might go hungry during the holiday season. With the help of local Boy Scouts, the Goodfellows hold a canned food drive in early December, all proceeds are then sorted by volunteers at the St. Clair Shores Firehouse, then delivered to those in need.

The St. Clair Shores Goodfellows and organizations like them truly make a difference in the lives of those struggling to get by during Christmas time. This is perhaps why the fine faculty of Lake Shore Public Schools and countless others donate their time to groups like them. If you would like to contribute to “No Kiddie Without a Christmas” or spread the spirit of the holiday by volunteering your time, please visit the Goodfellows website. Merry Christmas Lake Shore.


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