Get to Class!

  As the second trimester begins here at Lake Shore, so does a new attendance policy. This new policy deals with absences, excused or unexcused, and also tardies. If you excessively miss school, your penalty can be as mild as a meeting with an administrator, to community service and being filed for truancy.

Richard Popp, Dean of Students, sheds some light on the subject. “If you look at the design of it, there’s still quite a bit of play and the option for each student to make sure they are taking care of their own business.” The Lake Shore Administration did extensive research, which showed that Lake Shore’s absence rate was high, thus prompting them to enforce this new policy.

   This new set of rules is creating a buzz within the student body of Lake Shore. Some students, such as Kay Sumner, senior, feel this policy is a step in the right direction for Lake Shore’s student body. “I feel like with this new policy kids will learn to manage their time better overall.”  However, Many students such as Gabby Kelel, sophomore, feel the policy is slightly absent minded. “I don’t agree with it at all. I think it’s unfair because it’s hard to get to class on time everyday. Sometimes kids are absent for a reason, and we shouldn’t get punished for it.” The new policy states that if you have over eight absences, you will receive an early release detention and/or community service. This is frustrating to some, leaving questions such as “What if I’m sick?” or “What if I’m in the hospital?” Popp elaborates, “It’s put in place for kids who are making choices to not be here, but if you have a doctor’s appointment and you have a doctor’s note, or if it’s a long term illness or an out of state death, we would obviously put that into play and that is why we first have a meeting with me, so we find out the information.”

Haley Furton, senior, sums the new attendance policy up well: “I think the new policy is the same as it has been before, it’s just being enforced more. If you just make an effort to come to school, you shouldn’t be stressing about it.”