Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Lake Shore High School’s vocal music department left an awe filled room after their annual holiday concert, Baby, it’s Cold Outside.


Coordinated and conducted by Maestro M. Smith, the show opened on a dimly blue lit stage, with a program wide rendition of “Carol of the Bells”, arranged by Brian Leduc, who was also the pianist for the evening. After this Christmas classic, the stage lit up to showcase the choir program of over 100 students, a number reached for the first time since Smith began teaching here at Lake Shore. The choir continued with “Somewhere in My Memory” arranged by Audrey Snyder, a song well known for its appearance in Home Alone.


Following the entrance, the women’s freshman group, Treble Choir, took the stage. With songs of cheer like “Jinglin’ Bells”, and “Let Us Sing and Celebrate!”, their alto section stood out strongly throughout the set. They finished with a heartwarming piece titled “Snowfall Lullaby” by Greg Gilpin.  With a bow from Smith, the curtains closed and reopened to reveal Concert Choir, opening with “Shepherd’s Joy”, an 18 page piece arranged by Mark Hayes. With only six weeks to learn a song so complex and lengthy, Concert Choir amazed themselves and the crowd. Continuing with “Beautiful Snow”, a song depicting a world of white, perfect for this time or year, and “Bidi Bom”, a traditional style holiday piece, Concert finished their set with a bang.


Chamber Choir proceeded Concert, opening with a somber piece, “Flowers in Winter” arranged by John Purifoy, a piece with the elegance you’d expect from Chamber Choir. After an upbeat Ukrainian folk tune, “Sleigh Bells”, the ladies walked towards the front of the stage, making a half circle. As the conductor walked away, they began a fully acapella rendition of “Let it Go”, the popular Frozen hit. With the cheer in the eyes of the singers, it was hard not to join along. Chamber finished their set with the classic, “I’ll be Home For Christmas”, touching the hearts of those in the audience.

Last but not least, Fusion hit the stage. With songs we all know, like “Holiday Road” and “Rockin’ Down the Chimney Tonight!” the crowd was reenergized. With eccentric choreography taught by Ms. Harte, the performers brought life to many themed classics. Their performance of “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” proved it’s prestige of being the title, with stand out performances by seniors, Nick Rizzo and Shelby Jackson.


The show ended with the full program returning back to the stage. As tradition entails, Smith invited up past alumni for the annual final pieces. With an entrance duet by seniors Dylan Slamka and Kayla Kaiser, “Light a Candle” left the alumni reminiscing of their times in Lake Shore’s Choir Program. Following that piece, the show wrapped up with a powerful performance of “Oh Holy Night.” With solos from seniors Nick Rizzo and Kaitlyn Huber, the intensity and excitement of the piece resonated with the room.


Lake Shore’s Choir Program stunned yet again, putting all in the holiday spirit.


Written by

Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.