1:1 Piloting- Lake Shore Flies into the Future

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Lake Shore will become a 1:1 school. Each student will be given a touch-screen Chromebook, which they will be able to take to and from school to complete their work. They will also be using a new learning program called Schoology. This academic year, five LS teachers were invited to be the “guinea pigs” for the 1:1 program, testing out the new technology before the entire school gives it a go.


One of the five testers, Ms. Anderson, stated that she “loves the new Chromebooks.” “This new technology is really beneficial; it saves both time and paper!” explained Anderson. Who doesn’t love an eco-friendly environment? Students will be able to do a large portion of their school work on these minicomputers. Not only are the Chromebooks helpful in saving resources, but they are also a contributor to the preparation of scholars for the future. “The 1:1 program really prepares students for college. It sends them on their way to [practice] responsibility,” said Anderson.


Yet another 1:1 tester is Mrs. Blaszkowski. Blaszkowski is currently piloting Schoology, a program that assists in learning and completing schoolwork. “Schoology is a self-monitoring experience for the students. It’s very neat, as they are able to log back in and review the lessons as much as needed; whether it’s re-watching a video, or looking back at what we did in class, it is overall helpful,” declared Blaszkowski.


Although the in-coming technology is going to be a new and exciting experience that gives students a sense of independence, it is significant to remember that teachers are still needed. Both Anderson and Blaszkowski agree that this program “does not replace teachers; it is just another tool.” Books and other learning-resources will still be in play. Anderson stated, “[Going 1:1] is a bit scary, as with any change, but we must embrace it! It is a great opportunity to show our stuff.” Are you ready, Lake Shore?