Warming up to Climate Change

Interstellar, a movie emphasizing the death of our planet, may not be so far off.

    Global warming is a real and increasingly hazardous cause. Global warming is the concept of an increase in worldwide temperature, mainly attributed to the rising levels of carbon dioxide, methane, and other pollutants in the air. These rising levels are created by the Industrial Revolution and onward, marking the beginning of the burning of fossil fuels and coal for energy.

    Worldwide, this horror has had devastating consequences. The Great Barrier Reef is dying, the forest of the Colorado Rockies is projected to be dead by 2060 (denverpost.com). These natural wonders are being destroyed all around us, and it is not just there in which we are looking at devastation.

    Michigan is a state known for diverse foliage, and is widely renowned for hunting. According to michigan.gov, in 2014 hunters harvested a total of 329,000 deer, and over 614,000 hunters were out searching for deer in Michigan. With numbers that high, much of our economic revenue comes from tourism from hunters.

    As the world heats up, much of the forests are drying. As aforementioned, the forest of the Rockies are dying due to heat and wildfires. That’s not limited to a single area. As the temperature rises, our state (which is one half forest) could very well lose our forests as well. That vast amount of trees is home to a majority of our wildlife, including the deer population. Without the forests, the deer will be forced to migrate further north, or begin to deteriorate as a species, possibly to extinction. This would not only be emotionally devastating to witness, but could economically destroy the state.

    Although we’ve lost the ability to stop global warming, we can do damage control. We can slow down global warming with little to no difference in everyday life. Simple steps, like buying energy saving light bulbs, and throwing water bottles in the recycling bin (which are located all over the place here at school) as opposed to the garbage creates waves around you and in the environment. Taking steps to walk/bike more so than drive reduce the burning of fossil fuels in great numbers.  No matter how small, we as a community could protect our world one thousand times better than we are currently, and if we would like to stay here, we have to start now.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.