New Teachers of Lake Shore

     The 2016-17 school year has officially begun, there are many obvious changes and students have taken notice. From new technology, to new staff, there is plenty to discover. Lake Shore High School has hired a few new teachers and staff members. The science department has hired Mr. Stephen Faba and the math department has hired two new teachers, Mr. Nick DeNault, and Mr. Mark Gray. Mr. Richard Popp is our new Dean of Students, a position that has been absent from Lake Shore for over ten years.

Stephen Faba is a first year teacher, not specifically in this district, but anywhere. Before accepting this job, he student taught at Warren Woods Tower. Faba grew up in Sterling Heights and went to CMU and Oakland University. He determined that he wanted to teach just a few years ago, he originally wanted to go to Med School, but didn’t like the idea of working in a hospital.  Faba has multiple degrees. In teaching, bio and environmental science,chemistry, and health and fitness. His favorite thing about teaching is getting to interact with students, but he dislikes disruptive/rude students.

Mark Gray determined that he wanted to teach quite early in life;.his sixth grade teacher inspired him to pursue teaching. He has a BA in Secondary Education from Wayne State, and is currently attending Wayne State to get a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Statistics. Before he came to Lake Shore, he student taught at L’anse Creuse, and was a private tutor for Sylvan Learning Center. Outside of school, Gray likes to play the drums and guitar, and he loves travel.

    Mr. Nick DeNault Teaches Algebra Two. He went to Wayne State and got a Teaching Certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. DeNault teaches Algebra 2. Outside of school, he loves theater… He was the director of theater in a local high school for 11 years. He also loves playing hockey (he is on three ice hockey teams) and finds astrophysics interesting. DeNault enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, going to the zoo, and Dave and Busters.

Mr. Richard Popp is the Dean of Students this year. Popp is obsessed with Football, calling it his “first love.” He has a bachelor’s degree in science from Wayne State and a master’s degree in teaching from Marygrove College. Popp loves coaching football and playing in sports. He is a family man, his wife teaches at Brother Rice High School, and he has six kids, ages 16 to 26. Popp also loves helping people move forward in life and help them find a purpose.

     Give a warm welcome to the newest staff members of Lake Shore! They have taken the commitment to better the lives of students. Their jobs are extremely important and their roles at Lake Shore are very significant; To be a leader, to educate a generation of young adults. Teachers have to bring their A-game when it comes to their jobs. It can be difficult to keep the attention of a bunch of sleepy, cranky teens; Even more so when you are trying to teach them Chemistry or Algebra. Give our newest additions credit for trying! Being the new guy/girl at work can be a little stressful at times, so give them the respect they deserve. These new teachers are friendly, and they care about their students. We wish them all long, successful careers here at Lake Shore High School.


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I am a senior this year. I have been on The Shoreline staff for all four years of high school.