Spirit Week Throwback

Every year, Lake Shore High School goes all out to celebrate Spirit Week, and this year was no exception.

Monday’s theme was Tacky Tourist Day, and the student body made sure to pull out their very best Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and leis. When asked where she got her outfit, junior, Maria Goosen said, “The lei is mine and the shirt it my dads!” Another student, sophomore Mackenzie Maison, responded with, “I stole the lei from my sister!” Tacky Tourist Day got Lake Shore students fired up for the rest of the week, as proven when senior, Jon Tomlian, said, “I’m excited to watch Josh [Worden] play in the game!”

Jersey Day was Tuesday’s theme and both students and staff supported their favorite teams and players. “My whole family’s alumni,” said junior, Dana Cook, when asked about her Michigan State basketball jersey. Junior, Stephanie Kaiser, exclaimed, “Legends never die!” when repping Red Wing’s player, Pavel Datsyuk’s iconic #13. The underclassman wore their favorite jerseys too. “LeBron James is my idol.” said freshman, Lauren Sanders. Even the staff got in on the fun. Biology teacher, Greg Taylor, made a shout out to junior, Robbie Davis when talking about his Osgood jersey, “I had to get a Stanley Cup winning jersey! It’s mostly for Robbie Davis since he’s a goalie.”

Wednesday was Animal Day and the student population wore their favorite animal shirts, onesies, and hats. When asked about her cheetah print onesie, sophomore, Jessie Ludwick, said, “It was the first thing I found!” Juniors, Jessica Damer and Sarah Tackett, who twinned in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfits said, “We wanted to match!” When asked why she chose to dress like a bunny, junior, Rylie Duggan, answered, “I got the ears at Easter and I thought it would be cute! Senior, Megan Ritz went all out in a blue and grey shark onesie and informed everyone that “It’s a tradition!”

Thursday-Class Color Day- left the whole school in a rainbow of teal, pink, purple, and orange. When asked where she got her outfit, junior, Kaitlyn Downey, said “Michaels”, and her friend, senior Taylor Villasurda, made it clear who she wanted to win the Shorian Shield when she said, “Seniors rule!” Sophomore, Max Altman, said that he loves his class color and wore a pink boa “because it makes it stand out.” Junior, Alfred Hughes commented that the junior’s color (purple) is “very unique- it’s my favorite color!” As the students got more excited with every day leading up to the game on Friday, juniors, Paige Henderson and Caitlyn Colley added, “Let’s get hype Lake Shore!”

School Spirit Day was Friday and the whole school was fired up for the upcoming pep rally, game, and dance. Senior, Megan MaGowan, said that her “favorite part is going all out for the last time.” She was also excited for the game and showed her faith in the Varsity football team when she added, “I think we will win!” Senior, Ojanae Winburn, was also looking forward to the same event- “I’m ready for the game!” Junior Homecoming Court winner, Max Storbeck, was pumped for the game too, “I’m excited to walk the field at half-time and to be on court!” When asked what she was most excited for, junior, Haley Craft, responded with “Winning!” (referring to the game, of course). Senior, Hannah Decenzo, was most excited for “the homecoming dance”. Another senior, Amaria Shaw, could barely wait for the dance on Saturday- “I’m going to get my nails done! I’m just ready for it to be Saturday!”

Overall, Lake Shore brought their A-game to show their tremendous amount of school spirit. No matter what the theme of the day was, Shorians made sure to represent their class in crazy costumes. Let’s hope for another amazing Spirit Week next year, Lake Shore!