Working the Graveyard Shift

Students at Lake Shore are a hard working bunch. Some are frying up food at KFC, while others are flipping burgers at McDonald’s. However, one student in particular has an entirely different occupation. Jonathon Tomlian, junior, has been working at Hebrew Memorial Park cemetery for the last six years.
Tomlian began working at Hebrew Memorial Park in St. Clair Shores during the summer of 2010. “Not every kid gets to work at a cemetery,” says Tomlian who was offered a job from his father, who regularly works as a foreman on the grounds. Tomlian has taken up the important job of taking care of the massive grounds of the cemetery. From mowing the lawn to weed whacking, Tomlian always finds ways to keep busy during his shifts. When he is not taking care of the grounds, he works on preparing funerals for those who have passed on.
While at work, Tomlian puts in the ultimate amount of effort to ensure that the grounds are taken care of and kept in the best possible condition. This includes making sure there aren’t any ghosts lingering around the grounds. While he does not recall any ghost sightings in his six years of employment, Tomlian in fact has grown accustomed to the unusual setting. “It’s not creepy at all, I’ve gotten used it over the years.” That can only be expected after so much time being spent in such an environment.
The long work hours can be pretty pressing on Tomlian. He normally works 4:30-8:00 PM on most weekdays during the school year, and 8:00 AM-4:00 PM in the summer. This becomes additionally difficult to manage when Jonathon’s busy school and hockey schedules are taken into play. Tomlian still manages to find a way to balance all three into his busy life. “I’ve managed by using my time wisely and being organized with my schedule.”
Although Tomlian has been loyal to his workplace for over half of a decade, he does not see working at the cemetery as a lifelong endeavor, “I see it as more of a part time deal until college is over.” Either way, this has still been a very rare opportunity for Tomlian to have, and provides him with work knowledge that few people his age can experience.