Lake Shore Ladies Taking the Win

Dominating tournaments since 2014, Lake Shore’s varsity softball team has been sweeping the competition this year as well. Tuesday, April 26th, Lake Shore softball players faced off against Lakeview at Kyte Monroe park, at 4:30, for a home game. Despite beginning with a rough start, Lake Shore pulled through for a win, ending with 6-5.

The game started with Lakeview up to bat. After getting an out, Lakeview lands a double. Scoring twice at the top of the first inning, the game turned to Lake Shore. Andie Lane (#3) started the game with a massive dinger, scoring for Lake Shore. Snagging another run by the end of the inning, Lake Shore turned the tides nicely.

Lakeview started the second inning with a home run, followed by another dinger, before scoring a third run proceeded by an out. Lake Shore finished the inning uneventfully.

Lakeview striked out of the third inning very fast, leaving Lake Shore to clean up. Despite loading the bases up, Lake Shore did not score.

The fourth inning started off with a juicy play. Lakeview hit a ground ball right to second base, where an outfielder snagged the ball and quickly threw it to second base for the out. Unfortunately, Lake Shore finished the inning uneventfully as well.

The fifth inning marked a point where Lakeview started to get dominated. Three successive ground balls followed by outs quickly gave Lake Shore an opportunity at bat. A few successive singles loads the bases for the home team. Continually getting hits, Lake Shore scores two runs for the inning.

The sixth inning was another short inning for Lakeview. Starting with a ground ball that was caught, into another out, followed by a flyball caught swiftly. More ground balls from Lake Shore leads them to load the bases, yet unable to score.Ending with a score of 6-5 in Lake Shores favor, the game was another splendid victory for Lake Shores softball team.

Varsity softball are currently tied for first place with Utica both going 4-1. Tuesday April 10th at 4:30 they will be going head-to-head to see who will be in first place! Come out and support your Lake Shore ladies!