Color Run

Lake Shore is adding a splash of color to their fundraising by hosting its first Color-A-Thon!

With Technology getting more high tech, it also is getting more and more expensive. Lake Shore’s way of affording to remain updated  with technology and its frequent advancements  is this fun, fit, and friendly race! The first annual Color-A-Thon is to be held at Kennedy Middle School on May 21, 2016! You can walk, jog, or even dance your way to your own personal victory!

For those who may not know what this colorful run is, it is defined as a five kilometer race where colored paint is literally thrown at you. The runs are actually directly related to an ancient Hindu and Hare Krishna festival. It began over 2,000 years ago and was redesigned as a race in 2011. You start the race in white, but finish the race plastered in color!

Tasha Candela, Technology teacher and running enthusiast, decided a year and a half ago that getting healthy was a true goal of hers. “I like to be a role model and share what I might do. My big overall thing was getting healthier,” Candela shares. Her goal was to run a 5K by the end of the trimester. Over the past year she has ran multiple races, including a half marathon. But, every runner has their favorite race and hers happens to be Color Vibe, “It’s just so fun getting slammed with color and running with friends. Also you don’t have to feel like you have to beat your time you just get to have a good time,” Candela exclaims!

The race was at least a $30 entrance fee, but the more money you earned the more prizes you could win! The biggest prize was a hammock given to the fundraiser who raised $500 or more! When you register with the $30, you receive a t-shirt, Color-A-Thon bag, and a color packet to be thrown during the race.

Candela has a few tips for anyone running in the race, “The biggest thing that kept me motivated  was that I was only concerned about my time, and beating my time,” she continued on to say, “Everyone who runs has different ability levels and you should always feel good about what you personally accomplish as opposed to always trying to be competitive of others.” So Shorians race your way to the finish line on May 21st!!