Shorian SAT Scores

The SAT Test has come and gone, and with the results now released to students, juniors can reflect on their scores.When it comes to the results, student reactions are mixed. Some students are satisfied with their scores others are underwhelmed, surprised, or even excited. The Lake Shore score average was slightly higher than the state average. The highest score in the school was 1420. Which is considered an impressive accomplishment. The typical reaction that students had to their score was a sigh of relief and a smile.

Most Shorians agree that they struggled on two portions of the SAT; The math and the essay sections. Mikhail Jacobson exclaimed that “…The essay portion really threw me off!” Anthony Schmitz agreed, saying that “The prompt was pretty strange and uninteresting. There wasn’t much that I could write without being repetitive.” Eric Webber said “I struggled with the math sections a little.”

This year, Lake Shore had SAT Prep classes that were designed to get students ready for the big test, but a lot of juniors say that the class did not help them. Mikhail Jacobson said that “…The SAT Prep class was sort of pointless. It actually stressed me out more about the test. All we did was take tests and do poorly on them.”  Lloyd Miller agrees, claiming “The SAT Prep classes were pretty unorganized and it was not that helpful.”

The SAT tests were pretty stressful to think about for students over the length of the school year. Dylan Slamka emphasised, “Studying for the SAT’s was hard, preparing for them? Also really tough, and when it came to actually doing the test, I was stressed out like crazy!” A lot of Shorians found themselves struggling to stay afloat.

The results of the SAT’s of Lake Shore High School vary from student to student. Regardless of score, juniors are happy to be done with the stress of SAT’s… but now with finals right around the corner, the stress may not be completely rid from the student mind. John Bajis pointed this out, saying “It seems like now we have to worry about the next big test, and I do not like it!” Other juniors agree, with comments like one from Noelle Hagle, “It’s like we are taking one big test in a way.”


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I am a senior this year. I have been on The Shoreline staff for all four years of high school.