Track Team Goes Undefeated

With equal effort from coaches and runners, the boys varsity track team has gone undefeated throughout this entire season, and plan to continue their winning streak. What’s this team’s key to success? How have the coaches impacted the team’s season? How do the runner’s plan to stay on top in their coming matches? These questions are best answered by the athletes and their coaches themselves.
“This year we have attained many very talented runners and throwers to help us win meets,” said Austin Chambe, junior, starting a list of reasons why his track team has performed so well. Adding to his list, Chambe said: “There’s not any one person that can win the meet, it’s a full team effort.” It’s pretty clear that this team has worked excellently as a whole.
Kyree Jackson, junior, also gave The Shoreline a look inside his team’s success. The main reason he cited for his team’s domination of the track is the coaching. “Our coaching is great, they allow us to work hard and train so we can achieve success” says Jackson.
Chandler Johnson, junior, agrees that the team’s many victories are a result of excellent coaches and hard work. Johnson spoke about his team saying “We worked hard throughout and before the season, and we had a lot more talent than many of the other teams we faced.”
To continue this undefeated streak, athletes were asked what would need to change and stay the same. Both Jackson and Johnson are confident in the future for their team because of their teammates. Jackson lists some of the top runners that will continue to win in the coming seasons, naming “Austin Chambe, Jordan Hill, Chandler Johnson, John Bastion, Malik Williams and Billy Finn,” and Johnson said, “We are not losing any key runners on our team next year because we are all juniors and underclassmen,” speaking on the team’s prospects.
After the runners themselves shared their thoughts on their season their coaches weighed in. Jacqueline Phillips, math teacher and track and field coach, says “We have a good balance of talent in all of the events. We can score points in everything, and we are particularly strong in the mid-distance and distance events.” speaking about her undefeated team. Phillips also cited particular runners as exceptional, “Jordan Hill, Austin Chambe and Kyree Jackson were our best runners this year in terms of versatility and talent.” Stephen Gaffigan, health teacher, also gave this thoughts, “I think we performed so well because of the dedication our runners had. They worked had from day one and trusted our coaching and believed in the process of hard work equals good results” said Gaffigan.
All of it’s members and coaches feel as though this is a very successful team and the standings support that. Their hard work has definitely paid off and it will show as they win in the coming seasons.


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