Cheer Flipping Into Gear

 As the school year comes to a close, the unstoppable LSHS cheer team, coached by Sherri Taormina, is getting back into gear. Tryouts were held on Wednesday, May 31st, and Thursday, June 1st , from three o’clock until six o’clock p.m, and also on Friday, June 2nd, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The process for trying out went as followed; day one and two consists of teaching the new girls two cheers and day three is where the girls begin trying out. You start by showing Taormina the two cheers taught the previous day, along with jumps, split counts, and tumbling. After tryouts  Taormina pulls each individual girl aside and tells them what team they made.
A lot goes into making a great cheer team, however to become an LSHS Cheerleader goes far beyond physical requirement. Hailey Modreski, Freshman, and Varsity Cheerleader,  says, “We expect girls with high energy, positivity, and they should be willing to learn new things.” How you conduct yourself in not only school, but on the internet and in the community, are also a big component. In the Lake Shore Cheerleading “program standards” it states, “Positive role modeling, excellent sportsmanship, and being a team player are qualities expected of each and every athlete, all the time.”
With long practices, and late night football games, the fall is a busy time for the cheer team. Through it all they still remain just as passionate as when the season started. Their integrity is truly what makes them great.
     Modreski also adds a few words of advice for the new cheerleaders. She voices, “Be yourself and be positive. Do the best you can and you’ll succeed.” We wish the incoming cheerleaders the best of luck, and we hope this year is just as successful as previous years!