You’ve Been Drama Bombed!

Drama club is bursting into classrooms and acting out some of our favorite dramas from Romeo and Juliet to The Crucible, they are calling it Drama Bombs!

According to Patrick Akerley, English Teacher and Drama Club Advisor, “Drama Bombs are when the Drama Club drop in unexpectedly to a class and perform a scene from the content they are learning in that class!” At the beginning of the year they were performing scenes from The Crucible for 10th grade students. Recently, the participants have been bursting into 9th grade classrooms and performing the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. The participants have performed for teachers such as: Francis, Cerrasco, Dombrow, West, and Smith. He even said that they have dropped into his Intro to Drama class as well! Akerley continued with, “We had two groups hit every teacher interested at the beginning of each hour. The two groups performed the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet over 20 times!” Many teachers have joined in on the fun so their students can see the plays come to life in front of them.

Julia Cann, junior, said, “I think they’re a really fun way to actually see what’s going on, and it helps the students better understand the scene in a fun, dramatic way!” Cann is one of the actresses that participate in the Drama Bombs so she experienced it first hand.

If you wanted to have performed in the scene you had to attend the Drama club meetings. In order to get these started he, “…brought the idea up to the Drama Club last year, but it took until this year to get a group to have the discipline it takes to learn the scenes quickly.” These scenes come up quickly in the trimester so the students need to be prepared quickly in order to perform these scenes.

Drama Bombs are a fun new way to experience scenes and the teachers are taking advantage of them! It is a wonderful opportunity and an exciting time for the Drama Club students who get to participate.