Zolynsky Zips up her Long Career

Lake Shore’s beloved science teacher Deb Zolynsky, is finishing her last few weeks before she retires and spends the rest of her life relaxing.
After working for Lake Shore for 14 years, including eight at Kennedy and six here, she decided it was the right time to retire, “I decided to retire when I had met all of my goals, and while I am still young enough to enjoy hiking and working in the woods,” she said. The outdoors is a passion for her and she will continue that passion after she retires.
After she retires Zolynsky has planned on spending her summer in the Upper Peninsula building a larger cabin for herself. She plans on staying in a small cabin that is off the grid while she does it. When fall comes she will decide whether or not it can be a permanent home for her. She also will be spending time traveling all over the United States. “I will be spending time traveling through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan,” Zolynsky stated. In the fall her son is getting married, so while she is spending time in Las Vegas for that, she is planning on visiting the national parks as well.
As Zolynsky moves on to the rest of her life she admits that there’s people she will miss, “I’ll miss many of the students and all of my teach-mates, most especially the science department and Ms. Karczewski.” She also laughed that staying late to grade papers is something she will not miss.
Zolynsky has provided some words of wisdom to the fellow Shorians out there, “Put your phone away. Live in the moment. Get to know one another. See the world around you. Put your phone away!”  Don’t worry staff, she has some things for you too! “To the staff I say: Thank You for your support, kindness, and friendship. It’s been a rocky ride at times, but we’ve hung in together. With Joe and the helm, things will get much better.”