Marvel: Selling out to Tickets?

 A disturbing trend in lucrative superhero genre of movies has fans worried. Making Marvel movies with the intent of smashing the box office, as opposed to staying true to original characters and developing interesting stories is something superhero geeks are starting to grow concerned about.
Following drawn out attempts at giving each hero their own franchise, like Iron man 3 and the announcement of Ant Man 2, Disney is coming under fire for “selling out” Marvel.
“As a comic book nerd, it seems like they’re just trying to make money,” says Marcus Grumett, freshman, referring to the Marvel branch of Disney. “Iron Man was my favorite and I was really hype for the movies, but now they’re dragging it out and making his character weaker.”
Grumett’s feelings accurately sum up those of fans and critics alike. With a superhero movie being produced every few months, their quality should definitely be called into question. Is Ant-man a major enough hero to have his own franchise? Was a third Captain America movie necessary to the character’s development? Are both of these events just attempts at further lining the pockets of Disney Corp by capitalizing on the nostalgia of comic book nerds?
Brayden Krejci, freshman, does not think so. “The movies stay true to the comics, most of the time at least, people complain about Ant-man, but he’s an original avenger and his solo movie was alright. All the Avengers movies are sweet, except Thor, Thor sucks”. On the other side of this mass production of Marvel movies are fans like Krejci really enjoy so much content and new things being added to old stories. Perhaps these films are being made with hope of bringing in new fans as opposed to appeasing old-school ones?
However a superhero fanboy may feel about this, it’s safe to say that they would all be satisfied if all of the movies released balanced old and new, and were not “complete and utter garbage” as said by Grumett.


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