Double Standards

     Double standards: what are they? According to Wikipedia, a double standard can be defined as the, “application of different sets of principles for similar situations.” In society, double standards can be anything from the unequal treatment of different races, to the use of sexism. Double standards can be universally recognized, but often get ignored or unfortunately become accepted as part of life. There is a fine line between swallowing pride and getting stepped on.       
     Discrimination is a large part of double standards, and the push for equality is an issue that can be found in just about any part of the world. Whether it be as small as a teen being treated with less respect than an adult, to being as large as the polar differences between the treatment of women in different countries (where they can run for president in one country, but be killed over free speech in another.)
     The push for equal rights is a fight that in reality, will not end with this generation or the next. It has gone on since the beginning of mankind and although massive progress can be seen, in one way or another, someone will always refuse to recognize somebody else as an equal. There will always be racists, misogynists, homophobes, and overall, stubborn people who won’t conform to a more modern society and it’s views.
     Students of Lake Shore can see double standard happening in the world around them. Cody Day, junior, knows that this is an ongoing issue, “I see double standards everywhere. In schools, shopping centers, mostly everywhere public. And even on social media you see double standards.” A problem that some face, is growing up surrounded with inequality and becoming blind to just how wrong it is. Being exposed to the discrimination can make someone oblivious to why it is wrong.
     For example, families with roots that date back to 1800’s Confederate America, are more exposed to racism in a way that can impact the later generations to have the same beliefs, for the simple reason being that it runs in the family.  A more recent example would be children raised in the Middle-East being taught to hate Americans and to view them as enemies, because of the ongoing wars on terrorism.
     Double standards need to be eliminated. To create an equal, peaceful world, we must learn to get along.  Although there will always be discriminatory people among us, we should learn from history that these differences cause conflicts and lead to death.


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I am a senior this year. I have been on The Shoreline staff for all four years of high school.