Faking It in High School: What Not To Do

     In the years leading up to high school, we’re told that high school is a whole different ballpark from elementary and middle school. Often, we are filled with the idea that high school is this big amazing thing, where we find who our real friends are and find who we really are and want to be. In actuality, that’s far from the case.
First, let me provide you with a definition of the word, ‘fake,’  Dictionary.com has noted the word fake as; to conceal the defects of; make appear more attractive; to pretend and to deceive.
In the beginning of high school, your freshman year usually, people are used to their cliques but as your time in high school progresses, you begin to notice you don’t care much about who is friends with who, you’ll be friends with someone based on your own judgement. You also develop this mindset that you’ll be nice to everyone and everyone should be friends, which is a beautiful mindset to maintain, if you can. There are others who state they are in this mindset and misuse it without recognizing it, pretending to be friends with someone, be nice to their face, and then the second they are out of ear’s range, you go and talk behind their back. If you parade around being nice to everyone, and lead someone on to feel as though the two of you are friends, if the second they walk away, you proceed to say negative things about them, do not consider yourself a nice person. It’s one thing to be nice to someone for the sake of being nice and not wanting to come off as mean or rude to someone you do not normally associate with, but it’s a whole other thing if you are constantly nice to someone and leading someone into thinking there’s a friendship there and then talking behind their back when they are not around.
There is a magnitude of things people can lie about but one that I have found particularly interesting is the argument about girls “faking” their appearance with makeup. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not wearing makeup makes a girl fake. In my opinion, I do not believe wearing makeup makes you fake. Can it be deceiving? At times, yes it can be. Isn’t that one of the definitions for fake? Yes, but I don’t believe contouring your face, throwing on some eyeshadow and eyeliner makes you a fake person. With makeup, the only way I would consider a someone to be fake is if they are using makeup to add non existent features to their body. For example, using contour kits to fake the appearance of body features such as breasts, abs, legs, etc., They are such simple features, that you are beautiful whether you have them or not. I don’t see what sense there is in using makeup to give yourself features that you don’t have or covering up what you already have, you should embrace what you have and flaunt that, rather than wasting time each day to draw on what is not there.
To add to the list of things that people fake or lie about,I have personally seen being a vegan be something people lie about, along with a magnitude of other things. As the eating choice is growing to be so popular, it is being made popular by those who have a strong belief behind their veganism, usually their beliefs against animal cruelty. When someone has that belief about something sensitive such as animal cruelty and they believe in it strongly, when you pretend to be a vegan yourself, you’re making a big thing that people truly care about, a joke. That has something to say for the type of person you appear to be.
To me, I see it as you should not fake you and your personality for any reason. If you want more friends, get yourself out there and socialize in person to make connections, if you want to stand up for a foundation of some sort, go and volunteer for a program or organization that promotes that foundation, if you want attention, you should look for another way to get it rather than posting all over social media to generate social traffic for yourself. There is no point in pretending to be something that you are not. Be yourself and whoever does not like that, does not deserve your time or attention. Why waste your time and life pretending to be into something that you aren’t or even be someone that you aren’t?

There is no need to pretend to be into something just so people into the same thing will talk to you, you need to actually have interest in it to make a connection, otherwise it’s all just fake. You don’t need to pretend to be nice to someone and pretend to be friends, if all you are going to do is talk behind their back when they’re not there. There’s no point in all of it, be yourself and be happy with yourself rather than trying to create a different version of you. There is more beauty inside and out in someone who is true and genuine, than there is in someone who holds false beliefs and values.