A Cup of Joe

Our new Superintendent Dr. Joe DiPonio hosted a powwow at a local coffee shop earlier last week. The function served as a meeting place to converse and inform community members about the bond proposed by Lake Shore Public Schools for building improvements and technology opportunities.

The gathering was held at Eos Café and Coffee House, a brand new brick and mortar business on Jefferson Ave., just two and a half blocks away from Lake Shore High School. The café is the perfect hangout spot for students to get coffee and a meal after school and adults looking for a calm yet entertaining environment alike. Being Lake Shore supporters, the crew at Eos were welcoming to the event and were engaged with the crowd of bond supporters.

All Lake Shore families and citizens were invited and encouraged to go to the event on Tuesday night. Many school and bond affiliates, especially DiPonio, were talking to district taxpayers. Although student representation was scarce, the few that came quickly joined the conversations and were involved in the main discussions.

By DiPonio’s calculations, the bond is in a healthy position to be voted positively. “With around 3000 potential yes votes from Lake Shore families alone, it’s not a stretch,” DiPonio reports. In this poll, 3500 “yes” votes would grant the school a victory and allow them to make the necessary improvements. For the other 500 ballots, DiPonio suggests, “it’s all about informing the voters.” Last year when the school made their proposal, only students and families really knew about its existence. The advisors last year advocated against advertising the bond with the picket signs and handouts like the ones around the city this year. Thankfully, DiPonio went out of his way to ensure that they could inform the voters this time around.


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Editor-in-Chief of the Shoreline.