Since the passing of the technology bond in 2016, Lake Shore has been experiencing vast change and renovations. Starting with

If you ever find yourself searching through instagram late at night, bored out of your mind, make your way to

Unfortunately, you may not see the wonderful spinning of flags, tossing of rifles, and elaborate performances of the members of

In Lake Shore High School we have seen demonstrated throughout many years the dozens of people who stop in the

As the spring sun comes out, so do the golf clubs. Lake Shore Golf has started its season with the

Among the many faces to close in the year at this Junes graduation is artist and Senior Lexie Vaughn. Vaughns interest

Safety in schools should definitely be a priority. How to properly ensure that we are as safe as we can

Love, Simon is about a gay boy who is of high school age and is hiding it from all of

Lake Shore High School will be hosting a Wigs 4 Kids fundraiser in March of 2019. Liz Stacheit, junior, has

Should students be able to grade their teachers? Teachers have been grading students since the beginning of time and some

No one ever thinks that they will go into a lockdown for anything other than a drill until they experience

Lake Shore High School is known for its exceptional cheer team. Many can recognize the varsity cheer team from their